Let me tell you a little bit about myself and my writing journey.

Most of my books are set in Texas. Perhaps that’s because I’m a native Texan with familial roots that go back to 1836. ¬†Or maybe it’s because for the most part Texas is a big, wild place full of colorful characters. I think the latter is probably the real reason.

So anyway, my name is Gina Hooten Popp (The last name is pronounced like “Pope”. And I know all together the names are pretty funny sounding. So go ahead and laugh.) I was born in Greenville, Texas and I now live in Dallas with my husband (Henry John),  son (Henry James) and cat (Henry Jerry).

Along with writing novels, I have enjoyed a long career as a professional advertising writer. Yes, the world of advertising is a wonderful way to make a living, but as my sister will tell you it’s not really work, it’s play. Either way, I’ve certainly put in a lot of hours writing. And I believe I’m a better person for it.

Now, if you’d like to know about things like awards and honors, here are some things in my past worthy of mentioning. My debut novel THE STORM AFTER was a finalist in the 2014 RONE Awards, and my book CHICO BOY: A NOVEL was a 2016 Medalist Winner in the New Apple Annual Book Awards. Recently, my novel LUCKY’S WAY, about a young fighter pilot from Houston, was endorsed by the United States World War One Centennial Commission. Now that’s a biggie for me. I think I’ll put this sentence in bold so it will stand out. That way if you read nothing else, you’ll read it.

Oh, and did I mention, you can get all my books in the usual places. Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Apple, Walmart and Kobo.